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Reducing Energy Costs With Energy Efficient Technologies That Are Good For the Environment And Your Business

We’re proud to have helped these organizations be more energy efficient:

Save Money

With our subscription plan, your energy savings will create positive cash flow from day one. An off-balance sheet transaction* with money you already have budgeted for your utility bill, plus extra cash on top of that.

*Consult your tax professional to confirm eligibility.

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Save Money

Be Efficient

Meet your sustainability goals and be kind to the Earth. The U.S. has an energy efficiency of 42% which means 58% of all the energy we produce is wasted!

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Be Efficient

Avoid Risk

Decrease your facility’s energy usage without having to make a huge purchase outright or take any financial risks. Our Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) provides guaranteed operation of new energy-saving technology with a flat monthly subscription, including maintenance and installation costs.

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Avoid Risk

Boost Morale

Create a safer and happier environment for your employees with reliable, bright lighting and energy-saving technologies. Help your facility increase productivity and output.

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Boost Morale

Technologies we can help you with

Smart Thermostats
EV Charging
Energy Efficient Motors
Water Conservation

Numbers we stand by

Client Savings
Rebates & Incentives
Average 1st Year Savings/SQFT
1,690,135,761 lbs
CO2e Displaced

Why our energy solutions partnerships are different

Loyal to you, not a product line

Your energy needs and goals are specific to you and so are our solutions.

Risk and worry free

Products, installation, recycling, incentive management, and maintenance in one turn-key package.

Social impact

Meet your sustainability goals and help the Earth. We also give back to the community in your name through our First Fruits program.