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Adoption of Energy Storage Projects on the Rapid Rise



2019 was the year when energy storage went from pilot to major adoption, finds a new report from Wood Mackenzie.

According to Greentech Media, Wood Mackenzie says as battery storage grows more affordable and early adopters are encouraged by positive results from initial trials, widespread adoption of the technology is on the rise.

The Wood Mackenzie report found in 2017, nearly none of the 43 utilities included in the study expected to invest in energy storage. In 2018, six utilities planned to include battery storage in their plans. But, in 2019 everything changed – according to the report 10 utilities planned for energy storage, but for five times more capacity, on average, than the utilities’ 2018 plans.

The combined resource plans plan for 6.3 gigawatts of battery deployments from 2020 to 2029.

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Published February 11, 2020 by Vanessa Peng