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What Is The Best Commercial UV Light Sanitizer For My Business?

What Is The Best Commercial UV Light Sanitizer For My Business?

By Vanessa Peng

Stop worrying about Coronavirus and start mitigating the risk of your employees and customers contracting it!

Consider using a commercial UV light sanitizer in your facility. The hands-down most effective approach to killing COVID-19 is through germicidal UVC light or Ultraviolet Germicidal Radiation (UVGI) technology. Although ultraviolet light has recently gained traction in the national conversation due to the pandemic, it has been used for decades to destroy viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, and other harmful microorganisms in hospitals and water treatment plants.

It’s direct effect on Coronavirus is still being confirmed – since medical testing of this nature could take years – the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says UVC disinfection has been proven to kill off other coronaviruses, like the previous SARS virus, known as the bird flu.

Can UV light sanitize?

There are four wavelengths of light in the UV spectrum, including Vacuum UV, Short Wave UV or UV-C, Middle-UV or UV-B, and then Long-wave UV or UV-A. UV light is on the invisible spectrum of light. Germicidal UV light is UVC light, since it has been tested to be the least harmful and has the most effective germicidal properties of the three wavelengths. 

Chart showing UV light visible spectrum and variety of wavelengths

UVC light has been proven through multiple lab tests and studies to eradicate Tuberculosis, Influenza, SARS, Measles, Smallpox, Anthrax, Glanders, the Pneumonic plague, among dozens of other infections. Healthcare facilities and medical laboratories were the first major industries to adopt germicidal UV technology to disinfect sterile environments and to prevent hospital-acquired infections – a major concern for hospitals.

How does ultraviolet disinfection work?

UVC light attacks the RNA and DNA of viruses and bacteria, which stops them from replicating. In order to grow and spread, viruses and bacteria need to replicate, that’s why attacking their RNA and DNA effectively kills them. 

What are UV disinfection lights?

UV disinfection lights are lights that use the UVC wavelength to kill bacteria and viruses. UVC light is not safe for human exposure. It can damage a person’s eye cornea and cause flash burn. In order to safely use germicidal UV light for sterilization and disinfection, you should use a industrial UV sanitizer.


Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of products available online and through different retailers, especially now that interest has peaked in the devices. Some UV disinfection units come in a handheld wand type package, others are attached to your ceiling, like a regular light in your building. Many of these types of devices are touted as being housed with an effective disinfection and sanitizer system, but be wary of these products.

The only way to effectively mitigate risk of viruses in a building is to use commercial UV room sterilizer equipment that emits an effective UVC light dose and disinfects all surfaces, rather than shining the germicidal light in just one area.


Watch a webinar on ultraviolet light and UV disinfection equipment

How to disinfect and clean your facility?

Trying to clean a large facility can seem like an overwhelming task, but it is possible. Commercial grade UV-C light sanitizers are designed to be mobile and used in places such as hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, schools, and other institutions.

Mobile UV room sterilizers often provide a higher level of germicidal output than other types of cleaners. This high level of ultraviolet light kills germs by penetrating through the surfaces they inhabit and disrupting their DNA. The result is a disinfected space that has fewer harmful contaminants in the air or on surfaces for you to breathe in or come into contact with.

The benefits of having a mobile commercial UV sterilizer or industrial UV sanitizer are they are easier to transport and use to disinfect rooms when needed. Schools, corporate offices, and gyms are a few examples of places that might use commercial UV room sterilizer equipment.

In contrast to a stationary UV room sanitizer, these type of devices can move from room to room or to other parts of the institution.

What is the best commercial UV light sanitizer?

The best commercial ultraviolet disinfection and sanitizer units are mobile devices. As an energy solutions consultant company with our roots in lighting, we’ve found the best UV disinfection system to be the R-Zero device.

The UVC device can virtually kill off Coronavirus in a 1,000 sq ft room in seven minutes flat! The UV unit allows schools, businesses, manufacturing facilities, prisons, office buildings, and many more industries to incorporate a medical grade UV sterilizer and disinfection technology into their current cleaning plans with ease.

The R-Zero Arc is the most powerful industrial UV light sanitizer that destroys over 99.99% of pathogens – including coronavirus, E Coli, MRSA, and feline calicivirus.

A hospital grade UV sanitizer is safer and less expensive than surface disinfection – spraying or wiping down with chemicals. Not only are chemical vapors potentially harmful, studies have shown up to 50% of surfaces are missed by manual cleaning crews. This device makes up for human error. A member of your cleaning crew just plugs it in and lets it run its short disinfection cycle while he or she is wiping down another room.

Each R-Zero unit also comes with motion detection sensors for added security and protection. If somebody enters a room during the UV-C cleaning process, the unit will automatically turn off to protect them from exposure.

It uses an LTE connection to track and transmit data on the work it’s done. That means your staff and customers know just how much you care about their health and safety and you have the opportunity to reestablish trust with all your stakeholders.


Interested in the R-Zero Portable UVC Unit? Want to find out more? Just complete and submit this form.


Ready to start mitigating Coronavirus risk at your facility?

Here at U.S. Energy Recovery, we don’t want you to go another day worrying about how you can protect your employees and clients. We are here to help! We’ll work with you to figure out a tailored plan that includes the best uv light sanitizer! Schedule a virtual meeting, phone call, or just reach out to us at 800-834-8737. 

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Interested in the R-Zero Portable UVC Unit? Want to find out more? Just complete and submit this form.

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