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CA State Agency Works on Rules That Govern EV Charging Measurements

CA State Agency Works on Rules That Govern EV Charging Measurements

By Vanessa Peng

A California state agency is working to implement new rules that govern how electric vehicle charging stations measure their output.

According to an article from E&E News, the Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) has been battling with charging companies over how to regulate chargers. The DMS sets standards for scales that weigh products as well as the dimensions for lumber or the length of a tape measure. It also regulates the flow rate of water or gas meters. Essentially, any commercial good that can be measured goes through the DMS.

The DMS has the EV charging rules scheduled to go into effect by 2020, but E&E reports charging companies said it would be impossible and costly, so the rules may be delayed until 2033.

Some of the sticking points include whether every charger should have the price and power rating on its face – charging companies argue all that information is displayed in the user’s car or on their smartphone, but DMS officials argue customers shouldn’t have to worry about having their phones with them all the time. The DMS wants chargers to show their outputs to four decimal points, but charger companies say the extra decimal point doesn’t add any additional benefit for the customer and will only confuse those used to gas pumps, which only display up to three decimal points. DMS officials say four decimals points provide information that allows their staff to spend only 20 minutes, instead of two hours, checking stations.