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First Fruits Program: Students From Calibre Academy In Surprise

First Fruits Program: Students From Calibre Academy In Surprise

By Danny Kasalek

There is simply no substitute for learning through experience. This is true in any endeavor, but especially when it comes to lessons about the environment, as students at Calibre Academy in Surprise recently discovered through our First Fruits program.

Since February of this year, 740 Calibre Academy students have been involved in a project led by Grow Organic Kids, a local non-profit organization.

Grow Organic Kids is one of the numerous recipients of U.S. Energy Recovery’s First Fruits program. First Fruits is our way of giving back to the communities with which we interact commercially – by giving away 1% of our gross revenue to selected charities chosen by our clients.

To hear about the way in which Grow Organic Kids and Calibre Academy have been using some of our donated funds makes us proud.

Students at Calibre Academy have taken part in a variety of initiatives, all designed to show first-hand the power of nature and growing their own plants and vegetables.

From planting vegetable seeds in classrooms, to building garden beds, planting citrus trees and even constructing irrigation systems, the children have been able to design, make and experience their own garden environments.

More projects are planned for the Fall season to further strengthen the students’ appreciation of the environment they live in and how they can impact it positively.

At U.S. Energy Recovery, it gives us immense satisfaction to know that this is the type of program that we can help create through our First Fruits program funding.

By giving back to our communities, we help ensure that we all continue to develop sustainable and environmentally focused projects together.