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History of U.S. Energy Recovery

U.S. Energy Recovery was founded in 2009 and was acquired in October 2010 by the current CEO and President Carl Kasalek. Carl has a passion for improving the energy consumption of industrial and commercial facilities.

In 2005, Carl recognized that there was a copious amount of energy being wasted in major corporations. He knew that there was innovative solution to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial and commercial sites while maintaining simplicity.

While researching these issues, Carl discovered that most managers or business owners believe that creating an energy efficient space is very complex. Most individuals are unaware of the solutions. Carl further discovered that three major issues were holding managers and business owners back. These issues include: lack of knowledge on how to obtain rebates, insufficient information on types of products available, and lack of resources to implement the proposed solutions.

This is where U.S. Energy Recovery steps in. We take the responsibility off our clients, providing a simple and easy plan for managers and business owners. We provide a succinct package that makes it easy for the customer to understand how they can save 30 to 40% of their monthly energy bill while reducing their carbon footprint.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce consumption, energy costs, and the planet’s carbon footprint. We are able to achieve all of this while maintaining the performance demands of our clients. We hope that you partner with us and join us in making a change within the environment.

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Published March 31, 2020 by J G