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How Arizona Salt River Project (SRP) Incentives Reduce the Cost and Payback Period for Energy Efficiency Projects

If you’re an Arizona business owner and a SRP customer this webinar is for you! Our incentives specialist, Kim Flebotte, gives a high-level overview of SRP rebates and the process for accessing them.

SRP offers rebates to reduce the cost and payback period for your energy efficiency projects, which makes them more affordable. SRP schedules their rebate program to run on a fiscal year from May 1 –April 30th annually, so this is a great time to consider making some upgrades to your facility. Currently, only 35% of funds remain so the time to act is now.

If you have follow-up questions regarding SRP rebates or have questions regarding a potential project at your facility we would love to help! Please give us a call (800) 834-8737.

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Published January 31, 2020 by Vanessa Peng