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How HVLS Ceiling Fans Help Reduce Summer Energy Costs

How HVLS Ceiling Fans Help Reduce Summer Energy Costs

By Vanessa Peng

Orville Hill says he used to have a productivity issue at his Ocala, Florida truck shop due to hot and humid temperatures. That was until he partnered with an Arizona-based company to find a solution that made it cooler and safer to work!

Hill is the Service Leader for the Swift Transportation Ocala Terminal, which is part of Knight-Swift Transportation, the largest trucking company in the United States. 

U.S. Energy Recovery, a energy technology solutions company, partnered with Swift to design and install high volume low speed ceiling fans, or HVLS ceiling fans, in the shop. U.S. Energy Recovery met with Swift leaders to discuss their goals and needs and put together a solutions package for Swift. The package included design and layout for maximum output of each high volume low speed fan, selection of the best HVLS ceiling fans for that particular shop, and installation. 

Hill says since the HVLS fans have been installed, the temperature dropped by at least ten degrees in his shop and the technicians are happier and more productive. 

The HVLS ceiling fans also make the shop environment safer. Swift technicians no longer have to deal with trip hazards like bulky box fans and extension cords since a ceiling fan is installed up above and away from the work environment.

“It’s made a big difference for the shop, we’re really happy with it,” Hill said.

Hill says U.S. Energy Recovery was a great company to work with and he would recommend their services to other businesses. 

“The installation process, top notch, they ask our opinions, got input from us, they had no issues at all. They came in and did what they needed to do and were gone, professional company,” said Hill.

It’s true, working in a hot and humid climate can be extremely uncomfortable and cause workers to be less productive. In fact, studies have found employees working in temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit make more mistakes.

A study from the Becker Friedman Institute that analyzed Indian manufacturing workers found on hot days productivity declined 2 to 4 percent per degree Celsius. They also found worker absenteeism increased during sustained heat. 

What are the benefits of HVLS warehouse fans?

Whether you work in a shop environment, manufacturing facility, office building, distribution center, or virtually any other industry, HVLS fans are a good investment.

HVLS fans run for just pennies a day and have dozens of benefits, including the ones Orville Hill experienced at his shop. They also help increase your energy savings and facilitate a healthier environment with improved air circulation, air movement, and air quality.

HVLS fans decrease the temperature in a building during the summer and maintain a consistent temperature during the winter (more on this later).

High volume low speed fans produce healthy air by increasing air flow. Without proper ventilation, viruses and bugs are more likely to stay within a building’s stagnant air. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says increasing total airflow supply and the percentage of outdoor air is one of the ways of mitigating COVID-19 risk for employees in office buildings. Poor air quality can cause serious immediate health effects and sometimes creates health complications for your employees further down the road.

HVLS fans can also reduce food spoilage, keep bugs and smells away, reduce condensation on floors, protect your equipment and inventory from rusting and damage, and can even discourage birds from perching or nesting in your facility. Discover 6 reasons why you need HVLS fans here.

What is an HVLS fan, and how does it work?

HVLS stands for high volume low speed, which is exactly how they work. The fans use blades with large diameters to move large volumes of air at low speeds. 

Numerous tests have been conducted to show the efficacy of HVLS fans, including one by scientists at the University of California at Davis, which has a large agricultural focus. The study looked at how effective HVLS fans were at helping dairy cows overcome heat stress in an economical manner.

Researchers tested cow respiration rates and also measured the temperature of barns in separate experiments. According to their findings, HVLS fans made cows more comfortable in different areas, including milking, resting, and feeding environments. 

The scientists looked at three different diameters of high speed low volume fans and discovered that the largest one, which was 20 feet in diameter, was highly effective and used 80% less electricity than the smaller fans. 

The researchers report, “the electrical power savings with the ceiling fans warrant their consideration in both new dairies and retrofit into existing farms. These electric power savings can benefit both the dairy producer and indirectly the general public.”

Heat rises in a building with the hottest part of the building being at the ceiling. In the summer, HVLS rotate in a counterclockwise direction circulating the cooler air at the bottom. This action creates columns of cool air that move down along the floor and throughout the facility.

High volume low speed fans can make the “feel-like” temperature 6-8 degrees cooler than the actual thermostat reading. This allows you to keep your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system reading at a lower temperature setting.

During the winter season, HVLS fans run in reserve and initiate a process known as destratification. Destratification is the process of mixing the hot air at the ceiling with the cooler air at the floor. The process creates a consistent temperature throughout the facility. When paired with an HVAC system, you could see savings of up to 30% on heating costs. 

Find the right HVLS fans for your facility.

Don’t let another day go by without having HVLS fans in your facility. HVLS fans save you money, make your facility more energy efficient, create a more comfortable environment for your employees and customers, and so much more. We want to help you find the right HVLS fans for your facility and have them installed in the correct and most effective way. Contact us to get started!

Your employees and your wallet will thank you