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Jewel Osco increases facility light levels by 500% with warehouse LED lighting

Jewel Osco increases facility light levels by 500% with Warehouse LED Lighting

By Danny Kasalek

Jewel Osco, a subsidiary of Albertsons Companies Inc., increased light levels at their distribution campus by over 500%. The dramatic increase reduced their energy costs by nearly $400,000 annually and increased worker productivity and safety. The supermarket chain has 187 stores throughout the Midwest and leaders at their distribution center needed to find a way to have efficient energy systems, while reducing their high energy bill. 

Jewel Osco partnered with U.S. Energy Recovery, an energy technology solutions company, to find a system that would resolve their lighting, safety, and maintenance issues. Prior to the tailored overhaul of their energy systems, their warehouses were poorly lit with discolored fluorescent bulbs – some areas were so poorly illuminated that flashlights were necessary. The dangerous situation created dozens of safety hazards, especially with fork lift operators driving on the same floor as employees working on foot. It was critical for the warehouse to increase light levels for best safety practices.

The company’s distribution campus is more than 1.5 million square feet, which made maintenance of their lighting systems extremely inefficient and expensive. Fluorescent light bulbs had to be ordered constantly and daily maintenance of those bulbs would sometimes impede warehouse operations.

Within the first hour of operating under the new lighting system, workers were excited they could read paperwork and boxes with ease and see dramatically further down warehouse aisles than ever before.

When it comes to the environmental impact, the new energy systems resulted in the annual reduction of nearly 5.9 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Over the approximate 20-year lifespan of the LED lighting solution, Jewel Osco’s environmental impact will equate to removing 11,657 vehicles from the road, planting 13,244 acres of trees, and saving 4,803,723 gallons of gasoline.

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