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LED Lighting Terminology: Understanding The Fundamentals

LED Lighting Terminology: Understanding The Fundamentals

By Danny Kasalek

Don’t know your CCIs from your CCTs? Confused about the difference between “lumen” and “luminaire”?

Do you have your wires crossed when it comes to the world of LED lighting? If so, you’re not alone.

In recent years LED lighting manufacturing technology has been developing at an exponential pace. The variety of uses that LEDs are finding in the marketplace are expanding at a similar pace.

Because of the speed with which LED technology is advancing, it is not surprising that for many consumers there is a knowledge deficiency regarding LED terminology, and the advantages and disadvantages it holds over conventional lighting practices.

Energy Star has an excellent page (here) which tackles these issues head-on. It explains in plain language many of the most important pieces of LED terminology, technological definitions, policies and processes in the LED lighting industry.

For those not familiar with Southern California Edison, they are an electric utility that provides rebates for lighting projects. Many U.S Energy Recovery clients use the rebates to subsidize their own energy efficiency projects.

A recent Energy Department article published states that swapping out traditional incandescent light bulbs for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) has long been recognized as one of the single biggest energy conservation steps the world can take.”

The demonstrates the massive influence which LED lighting is going to have in the coming years and generations.

Those with knowledge about advancements in solid-state lighting will be best placed to benefit from the energy savings LED options to represent.

To be among the informed,  click here and read the excellent and easy-to-understand LED terminology resource that Energy Star put together for us all.