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Car Dealership Cuts Utility Expense by Upgrading to LED Lighting

Moore Auto Upgrades to Latest Energy Saving LED Lighting

By Danny Kasalek

Moore Automotive was fed up with paying for high utility bills and was looking for a way out. As a car dealership, good lighting is one of the key components of generating business. The problem for the dealership in Peoria, AZ was their metal halide and fluorescent lighting led to extremely expensive utility bills that were cutting into profits.


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Owner Matt Moore decided to partner with U.S. Energy Recovery to find the solution to his problems. The tailored solution the energy technology company created for the car dealership cut their utility bills by almost 50% – a 45 cents on the dollar savings on their monthly electrical bill, while also increasing lighting coverage and consistency on their property. After the project was completed, the dealership saw nearly $72,000 annual energy savings, which will add up to over $1.4 million in savings over the project’s lifetime.

Moore said he was in disbelief when he saw his first utility bill after the system had been implemented and now actually looks forward to his energy bill.

“I have to say that the initial report of savings presented by U.S. Energy Recovery seemed inflated, but I was extremely impressed when their analysis was within 5% of their actual results after the project was complete. In this day and age, it’s kind of nice for someone to tell you something is going to happen, and it actually happens,” said Moore.

On top of the huge energy savings, Moore Automotive saw an increase in safety due to the higher lighting levels. Even more exciting, the car dealership was able to properly showcase their cars on their lot and showroom, which led to astronomical increases in leads and sales. 

Environmentally, the LED lighting system saved 957,226‬ pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Over the approximate 20-year lifespan of the LED light solution, Moore Automotive’s environmental impact will equate to removing 1,842 vehicles from the road, planting 2,093 acres of trees, and saving 941,636 gallons of gasoline.

U.S. Energy Recovery is here for all your energy efficiency solutions: commercial LED lighting, advanced energy storage, high volume low-speed fans, wireless HVAC control, building automated control systems, and solar among other technologies. Learn more about each of our solutions at U.S. Energy Recovery or give us a call today at 800-834-8737.