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Energy Solutions Provide Immediate Savings to Professional Plastics

Energy Solutions Provide Immediate Savings to Professional Plastics

By Danny Kasalek

Professional Plastics was able to increase worker safety, eliminate maintenance issues, and save its facility in Fullerton, CA over $3,500 annually in energy and maintenance costs after it made the switch from outdated energy systems to more efficient energy saving technologies. The facility will see a lifetime savings of  $71,360 from the upgrade.


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Professional Plastics partnered with U.S. Energy Recovery to overhaul their lighting system from fluorescent bulbs to an LED solution. Jeremy Kietzke, Director at Professional Plastics, said the biggest benefit of the project was being able to increase worker safety for the facility. Prior to the upgrade, there were many dark spots around the warehouse causing low visibility, which created tripping and falling hazards as well as safety complications for fork lift drivers who constantly navigated through the shop. Kietzke said employees were coming up to him and thanking him for the LED project even before it was completed. 

On top of the safety aspect, the global plastics distribution company was also able to save thousands in maintenance costs. Prior to the LED project, Professional Plastics would constantly need to change bulbs with a fork lift or by hoisting an employee up to reach the high ceilings. Sometimes they would have to call an outside contractor to fix the problem, which would always result in a costly fee.

Kietzke said, “Once the LED lighting system was installed there was a noticeable difference in time and energy being focused on more important projects around the facility and no longer geared towards maintaining our lights.”

The environmental impact was another reason Professional Plastics wanted to take on the project. After the project was completed, the company saw an annual reduction of 417,812 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Over the 20-year lifespan of the LED solution, Professional Plastics’ environmental impact will equate to removing 73 vehicles from the road, planting 83 acres of trees, and saving 37,530 gallons of gasoline.

According to Kietzke, Professional Plastics was drawn to a partnership with U.S. Energy Recovery due to their quality of service, the interactions they had with the U.S. Energy Recovery team and how thorough they were throughout the process.

U.S. Energy Recovery is here for all your energy efficiency solutions: commercial LED lighting, advanced energy storage, high volume low-speed fans, wireless HVAC control, building automated control systems, and solar among other technologies. Learn more about each of our solutions at U.S. Energy Recovery or give us a call today at 800-834-8737.

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