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Salt River Materials Group Implements Sustainable Solutions

Salt River Materials Group Implements Sustainable Solutions

By Danny Kasalek

TEMPE, AZ (August 20, 2014) – U.S. Energy Recovery, a leading provider of energy efficient technology solutions and services, today announced client Salt River Materials Group has implemented a full-scale sustainable lighting system upgrade based on products provided by U.S. Energy Recovery. The new technology will positively impact the environment and provide significant cost savings as a result of lowered energy usage and decreased pollution emissions. In addition, U.S. Energy Recovery will make a sizable donation in the name of Salt River Materials Group to Verde Valley Christian School as part of their “First Fruits” charity program.

“Our partnering with US Energy has been a great way for us to achieve our goals of improving energy efficiency, safety, sustainability, and lower operating costs,” stated Lew Dodendorf, Energy Manager of Salt River Materials Group. “The completion of this project is just part of an ongoing effort to reduce emissions and energy use while improving sustainability. We have completed many projects to date at all of our facilities to achieve these goals. With continuing developments in energy efficiency we look for ways to implement these developments company wide.”

Keeping with their commitment to sustainable business practices, Salt River Materials Group contracted U.S. Energy Recovery to remove 170 metal halide fixtures from interior and exterior, install interior & exterior LED (including some vapor tight fixtures and some flood lights) and set up LED with motion controls in the maintenance shop.

“Besides the energy savings, the new fixtures have greatly improved the lighting in the old plant areas that we installed them. This has made these areas safer to work in. Additionally, the service life of these fixtures has reduced our labor costs due to their high reliability and longevity,” said Gregg St. Clair, Vice President Cement Operations of Salt River Materials Group.

Mr. St. Clair goes on to comment on the U.S. Energy Recover’s First Fruits program: “The First Fruits contribution aligns very well with our involvement in community support. As a Company we try and support a large number of organizations within our community. We believe to be success you have to give back to the people who support your business and allow you to work in their neighborhood.”

“The energy solutions that Salt River Materials Group has chosen to implement will have a long term positive effect on both the environment and their business,” stated U.S. Energy Recovery President Carl Kasalek. “Combine those benefits with the donation we’ll be making to Verde Valley Christian School in their honor, and you’ve got a significant win-win for our client, the community, and the environment.”

“First Fruits” is a U.S. Energy Recovery philanthropic initiative through which one percent of gross earnings from each project is offered to a local non-profit organization that supports the community. Clients help U.S. Energy choose an organization, and the donation is made on behalf of the client’s business.

Ben Russel, Administrator, has significant plans for how Verde Valley Christian School will utilize the money. “This contribution will allow us to move to the next level of providing one-to-one technology for students. With these funds we are purchasing Google Chromebooks for our teaching staff. Phase two will be to begin purchasing a classroom set of Chromebooks for upper grade student use.”

About Salt River Materials Group
Salt River Materials Group is currently a leading supplier of portland and masonry cements, fly ash and other pozzolans, both normal and light weight aggregates, and natural gypsum products throughout Arizona and the Southwestern United States. Salt River Materials Group is also a leader promoting sustainable products and practices in its industries. With over two decades of experience producing and marketing blended cements and coal combustion products to the concrete industry, SRMG has helped pioneer the use of recycled materials, using its uniquely integrated experience and expertise in the development of new applications.
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About U.S. Energy Recovery
U.S. Energy Recovery delivers innovative energy-saving and control solutions that empower companies to positively impact the environment and their bottom line. Turnkey products and services from U.S. Energy Recovery reduce utility cost, improve lighting quality, and lower operating expenses. To date, Fortune 100 customers across seven states save over 37 million kWh or $7.6 million dollars annually. Founded in 2009, U.S. Energy Recovery is leading the nation to a brighter tomorrow from their headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. For more information, please visit

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