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Swift Transportation cuts energy costs by 75% at its Phoenix Headquarters

Swift Transportation cuts energy costs by 75% at its Phoenix Headquarters

By Danny Kasalek

Swift Transportation, the largest full-truckload motor carrier in North America, increased lighting levels at their Phoenix headquarters of over 80 acres by as much as 320% and saw an overall energy savings of 75% after an lighting systems overhaul to LEDs.


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Joe Manley, Director of Projects at Swift Transportation, said, “When I started building the projects for Swift in 1996, it was traditional fluorescent lighting and high pressure sodium lights. The maintenance was horrible. We constantly had to replace light bulbs and fluorescent troffers above the employees’ heads. It was dangerous and dirty and interfered with operations.”

The lifetime savings of the project is nearly $5.6 million.

“Being that I am in the facilities management part of this company, the bill is big for me, to see the money that we save,”  said Rob Winter, Facilities Manager at Swift Transportation.

Outside of the financial benefits, Swift saw increased safety and security on their campus after the upgrade. Swift, like many other trucking companies, is located in an industrial area where they can experience higher rates of vehicle thefts and break-ins.

Shawn Driscoll, Vice President of Security and Theft Prevention at Swift Transportation, said, “The lighting is much better, it’s much more visible so that we don’t have those dark corners, dark spots. On a security operation center that runs 24/7, during the hours of darkness we actually have our guys use PTZ, or pan, tilt, zoom cameras, so a person from an operational standpoint can actually move the camera around without physically being in the yard. They can see if there’s movement or call the security officer to respond to that and the illumination helps in that regard.”

Swift partnered with U.S. Energy Recovery, a energy solutions technology company, for the project.

Manly said, “I’m happy that we’ve invested in something that I believe is instantly a payback that is realized by everybody that’s involved in the project. The LED lighting is far more superior and I’m glad we made the switch.”

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