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Texas Blackouts and How Energy Storage Could Save Your Commercial Operations

Texas Blackouts and How Energy Storage Could Save Your Commercial Operations

By Vanessa Peng

Energy shortages will likely occur this summer in Texas and your commercial facility and its operations could experience outages and rolling blackouts. Read on to learn how Texas energy storage could save your operations if you lose power.

Why rolling blackouts in Texas?

The North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC) warns Texas residents could face power shortages this summer due to predictions of extreme summer heat throughout the U.S. Texas is still reeling from blackouts due to extreme weather this past winter.

Politicians blamed renewable energy, but it has since been discovered that it was a problem with natural gas, Texas’ major energy source, that caused the electrical blackouts.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which supplies about 90 percent of the state’s electric load, says it anticipates there will be sufficient generation to meet the 2021 peak demand, but did detail three unlikely extreme summer scenarios that could lead to blackouts, including thermal generator outages, shortage of solar and wind power, and longer than anticipated hot weather that causes high demand.

All these updates can be upsetting and cause concern, especially if you run a commercial building that lost power during this past winter. Fortunately, there is a way to protect your operations from blackouts and power outages, while lowering your dependence on the power grid. The solution is the fast-growing technology known as energy storage.

The benefits of energy storage

With energy storage technology you can store renewable energy and use it when you need it, for example during a power outage. A commercial battery storage system has the added benefits of saving you on energy costs when you use your stored power during peak load periods and gives you the opportunity to run a facility that is free from the electric grid.

The most popular way to use energy storage is to pair it with solar energy in a solar-plus-storage system. Wind power has a strong presence in the Lone Star State and can be paired with a battery storage system – including lithium ion battery storage systems.

Texas energy storage

The ERCOT market has experienced an increase in the amount of energy storage systems being developed and continues to grow, especially after what happened this past winter. Most of the energy storage projects developed are solar-plus-storage systems.

ERCOT has a non-voting body called the Battery Energy Storage Task Force (BESTF) that reports directly to the ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and provides recommendations to the committee.

According to an article published in, Texas is a “ripe market” for energy storage systems. The author, energy consultant Rao Konidena, says there are three reasons for this: 1) The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) mandated the real-time co-optimization project, which encourage opportunities for battery storage to be a part of a real-time ancillary services market, 2) BESTF is “making progress on near-term issues,” and 3) “Transmission reservations already exist at plants that are operating.”

Getting an energy storage system on your commercial site

The Texas grid has proven to be unreliable and now with extreme heat coming to the state the possibility of your factory or warehouse losing power this summer is a real plausibility. Now is the time to think about installing commercial energy storage technologies on your site. If you don’t have solar panels on your property yet, it’s the perfect time to add those as well. Not only will you generate clean power, you will save on electricity costs from the ERCOT grid.

U.S. Energy Recovery can help get you the commercial solar battery storage and distributed energy you need in time for the summer outages. We offer turnkey packages so you don’t have to worry about anything other than finding the best ways to use your stored energy. Connect with one of our commercial energy storage experts today: 800-834-8737!