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Wireless Power Monitoring: Where are you losing money at your facility?

Wireless Power Monitoring: How can you identify where you are losing money at your facility?

By Vanessa Peng

What if you could stop catastrophic equipment failure at your facility before it happened? Or identify the areas where you are losing money at your facility without having to leave your desk? These scenarios are all possible with power monitoring.

Power monitoring systems provide valuable, granular energy intelligence that can help you save money, manage consumption, improve efficiency, detect anomalies in your equipment, and prevent downtime and disruptions to your operations. The latest wireless power monitoring systems on the market today are self-powered, which offer real-time data on your power systems, including electricity, gas, heat, and water. All at your fingertips.

You may know how the power at your facility is being consumed, but not how you can control or change that – with power monitoring you can. You’ll know if your critical assets are turned on at the correct times, if they’re cycling, if they’re idle…The power monitoring cloud-based software can analyze energy trends and detect anomalies, usage patterns, and signs of potential stress. Notifications can be sent directly to your device to let you know when anomalies occur. For example, through a power monitoring system you may find out the lunchroom lights are being left on when the room isn’t occupied or the air conditioner isn’t running efficiently. The built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will alert you if preventative maintenance is required or imminent failure may occur just by monitoring the inputs from that piece of equipment. By installing a system at your facility, you’ll have the ability to benchmark and assure all your assets are working at the same capacity and performance, even if they are located in different facilities.

Power monitoring systems are installed without disruptions to your current operations or equipment. The sensors are installed on panel boards without the need to cut wires or disrupt current equipment in any way.

By installing a system at your facility, you’ll know with confidence how your assets are performing at the granular, device level, you can ensure your equipment is running properly with predictive/preventative maintenance, justify investments, reduce energy consumption, and meet sustainability goals.

What can Wireless Power Monitoring do for you?