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Energy Efficiency Incentives Specialist

Position Overview

A U.S. Energy Recovery Incentives Specialist is an integral team player with a strong working knowledge of energy efficiency fundamentals and the ability to apply that information to maximize utility incentives for our clients nationally.

This role requires the employee to be responsible for the accuracy of incentive estimates and applications throughout the life cycle of our turnkey projects.

A successful Incentives Specialist will have the ability to analyze and adapt to the different incentive programs as they develop throughout the country, and researching ability is a critical component to ensure our company remains competitive and well versed in the offerings for our clients.

The role requires an enthusiasm for “logic problem” types of challenges and an eagerness to play a crucial role in making energy efficiency upgrade projects attainable for the small and large business customers we serve.

Success is accomplished through precise data entry, task management, effective communication with our team of project managers, and by establishing strong interpersonal relationships with utility company representatives throughout the U.S.

Compensation: $50,000 to $65,000 Annually

Benefits Offered: 401K, Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

Role Expectations

  • Research and maintain a strong working knowledge of utility incentives in large markets throughout the country.
  • Advise the U.S. Energy Recovery team on the strengths and weaknesses of each incentive program to improve the competitiveness of our proposals and to provide the greatest value proposition for our clients.
  • Help to protect the profitability of our projects through accurate and thorough estimates and application submissions.
  • Maintain a deep understanding of energy efficiency principles and utilize that knowledge to find the best methods to maximize the investment returns for our clients.
  • Ensure that necessary data is updated within our CRM software to keep both the proposal and project processes on track.
  • Identify and communicate with our sales team to effectively target areas of the country with strong incentive offerings.
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines through strong planning, organization, and prioritization of work with minimal direction.
  • Utilize project tracking systems to accurately and efficiently communicate incentive status throughout the life cycle of the project.
  • Consult with utility representatives and negotiate on behalf of U.S. Energy Recovery to safeguard the interests of our clients within the guidelines of each program.
  • Develop strong relationships to bolster our effectiveness as a Trade Ally within each incentive program we frequently work with nationally.
  • Train and develop new team members in energy efficiency concepts and provide expertise for our team in utility incentive options.
  • Host informational webinars and participate in sales discussions with our end customers on utility programs across the country and how they can maximize savings in each program.


• Minimum of high school diploma (Preferred four-year degree in a related field)

• Minimum of (2) years industry experience (energy efficiency, engineering, working for electrical utility / third party incentive manager, or residential/commercial energy management)

• Other technical experience such as military, on the job training programs, level/length of experience, etc. may meet this requirement as determined by management.


• Proficiency in Excel

•Excellent customer service and interpersonal communication

•Strong attention to detail

• Effective verbal and written communication abilities

• Ability to multi-task throughout the work day

•Outstanding creative problem-solving