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Save Money and Gain Granular Asset Intelligence by Investing in Power Monitoring Systems

Power monitoring systems provide valuable, granular energy intelligence that can help you save money. These types of systems can manage consumption, improve efficiency, ensure assets are optimized, understand how equipment is being used, and prevent downtime and disruptions to your operations. The system is self-powered and wireless, which offers real-time data at your fingertips on your power systems, including electricity, gas, heat, and water.


Rather than view your energy consumption solely at the meter level, you will have access to granular analytical data of individual pieces of equipment, which can alert you to overuse or inefficient equipment, or equipment unnecessarily running . The power monitoring cloud-based software can analyze energy trends and detect anomalies, usage patterns, and signs of potential stress. Notifications can be sent directly to your device to let you know when anomalies occur. The built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will alert you if preventative maintenance is required or imminent failure may occur just by monitoring the inputs from that piece of equipment. Power monitoring sensors can be installed on every asset you own, helping you detect patterns and noticing when anomalies occur. The information is stored on a cloud-based system and will send alerts and notification when anomalies are detected to your mobile device.


With machine learning technology, the sensors will give you the ability to benchmark – compare one machine to another piece of equipment and track if they align in terms of capacity and performance.

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How Our Savings Process Works

To start, we will meet with you to learn about your current situation and state of your facility or facilities. A project manager will then come to your facility and conduct a comprehensive audit.


Based on our initial meeting and audit data, we will design and present a personalized solution that meets your needs.


Once we receive a signature from you, we will complete all paperwork, and the installation will take place with minimal disruption to your daily operations.


By integrating power monitoring technology, you have helped your business manage consumption, reduce operating costs, and prevent downtime and disruptions to your operations.