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Our Values—The foundation of all we do.


Our commitment to quality is braided throughout all aspects of our customer’s experience. Every solution we propose is formulated by us and is unique to the customer’s needs. We stand behind our energy savings, products, and installation to ensure our customers have the upmost confidence in us.


We only use industry leading products by vetting our vendors and identifying their best product. Every item offered by U.S. Energy Recovery experiences exhaustive testing before a product is proposed to our customers.


Respect. Communication. Integrity. These words describe the U.S. Energy Recovery team. Each team member of U.S. Energy Recovery holds themselves to the highest of standards while serving our most important team members—our customers.


Reducing our customer’s energy consumption and utility bill is a source of pride for us. To further our commitment to pave the way for continued corporate responsibility, we established our First Fruits program; allowing us to support the communities that support us.


Experience has shown that finding energy savings requires enthusiasm, creative thinking, customer engagement, and fully understanding our product offering. At U.S. Energy Recovery, our passion radiates the buildings we light and leaves a lasting impact on the local economy.


In order for our work to be viable, it must be valuable. Our team focuses on the needs of the customer and creates solutions that have an immediate impact on the customer’s bottom line.