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Powerful Features

Energy solutions customized for your business

U.S. Energy Recovery is a one-stop shop for turnkey energy solutions that directly lower costs while protecting the environment.

Find your energy savings

Our expert team will conduct a visit to perform a thorough Energy Assessment. Your assessment helps you discover the solutions that will have an immediate impact on your company’s bottom line.

Impact your environment.

Your energy reduction project will help decrease environmental damage over the lifecycle of the product. We’ll give you the calculations that prove how much good you’re doing for the community.

Get the incentives.

You could be earning additional savings with utility incentives available in your state. Install your new technology and our expert team will accurately complete all paperwork for you. All we need from you is a signature!

Shared savings made simple.

Zero-deposit upfront and immediate energy cost savings – that’s the benefit of our Shared Savings Program. You’ll get the most competitive rates in the industry providing you with freed up dollars that would have otherwise been spent on your utility bill.