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Recycling and Reclamation

Recycling and reclaiming made simple

We’ll safely and efficiently help you recycle and reclaim your outdated technology for no additional cost. That’s what we call doing double good for you and the environment.

Safety first

Our technicians safely dispose of all hazardous material like mercury or fluorescent lamps. Often times, businesses unknowingly throw this material in the trash, wreaking havoc on the environment. We’ll handle this important process for you so you never have to worry.

No additional fees

There is no additional fee to take part in our recycling and reclamation program. This service is included free of charge with a U.S. Energy Recovery turnkey project.

Get the hard proof

At the end of the project, you’ll receive a copy of the recycling and reclamation receipt. This way you know we handled your equipment appropriately. We never leave waste behind.

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