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Our energy-saving products and technology systems are installed throughout commercial buildings across the nation for food and beverage production, manufacturing, mining, parking areas, and exterior perimeters. Many of our solutions use wireless control systems, strategic dimming, and day lighting. Products are hand selected to deliver highest performing, energy-efficient technologies that boast significant savings in energy and cost.

Automation / Controls

Our automation and controls technology captures the essential data of your day-to-day energy usage so you can maximize savings. You’ll be able to track how much energy is used throughout the day so you can automate when lights go on and control when they turn off.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a low maintenance energy solution with an impressive savings potential between 60-85% of your current utility costs. Our LED products are mercury free, contain no ultraviolet light, and many are rated at over 100,000 hours of useful life. Significant reductions in the price to purchase LED technology in recent years make LED lighting an affordable solution for your business.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lights bring approximately 40-60% energy savings to typical metal-halide lamps or high-pressure sodium fixtures typically found in commercial buildings throughout the country. Fluorescent offers efficient, better quality lighting at an economical price to outdated lighting technology and fixtures.

Day Lighting

Day lighting technology could become the most efficient, cost-effective way to light your business. Together with automation and controls, day lighting captures energy from the most powerful light source we have – the sun. This direct renewable has taken countless businesses across the country almost completely off the grid during peak energy hours.

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