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High-volume, low-speed HVLS Fans run for just pennies a day and not only make it more comfortable for your employees and customers, but also provide a healthier environment with improved ventilation and air quality in a facility

Reduce Heating & Cooling Usage
Improve Ventilation
Increase Comfortability

Cool off this summer

Commercial HVLS fans circulate the cooler air in a building. As heat rises, temperatures can increase by 0.5 degrees each foot with the ceiling temperature being the hottest.

HVLS fans move large columns of air throughout the space, circulating the cooler air at the bottom. The counterclockwise rotation can make the “feel-like” temperature 6-8 degrees cooler than the actual thermostat reading.

The columns of air move down and out along the floor, looping it back around in a room. If you have more than one fan in a space, the columns will create a continuous chain, carrying the cooler air throughout the space.

Save money in the winter

HVLS fans can lower your heating bill and increase employee and customer comfort in the winter.

When you turn on the heater in your facility, it forms stratas, or layers of different temperatures. You are probably familiar with this in your home. The warmest air is at the ceiling level, while the coolest air is at the floor level.

Through a process called destratification, HVLS fans run in reverse to push down the warmer air at the ceiling, allowing it to mix with the cooler air near the floor. This allows for a more even temperature throughout the entire facility and the thermostat no longer has to keep up to maintain the floor level temperature readings.

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On top of the health, safety, and economical benefits, HVLS industrial fans can reduce food spoilage, keep bugs and smells away, reduce condensation on floors, protect your equipment and inventory from rusting and damage, and can discourage birds from perching and nesting in certain spots.

Traditional Fans

Choppy and inflective for moving air around
Quick moving blades that kick up unwanted materials
Make loud buffeting and humming noises that can be bothersome to animals in an agricultural setting or customers and employees in industrial and commercial facilities.
Short blades that don't have a far reach


Move large volumes of air effectively
Produce slow-moving columns of air that don't kick up allergens and irritating dust and debris
Move quietly and don't disrupt employees
Larger blades that generate large columns of air, which reach more space

Start creating a massive difference to the temperature of your employees and their comfort

Applications & Industries

HVLS fans have dozens of applications, for nearly every industry and facility. The technology is perfect for agricultural, automotive, food and beverage, manufacturing, warehouse, among other industries.






Food and Beverage


Service Centers

Affordable, Quiet & Efficient

High Volume Low Speed fans have a slower rotation speed than small fans but move more air over longer distances and for a longer time, making them the quietest and highest moving air volume equipment available.

HVLS fans offer superior airflow at an affordable price. It’s the perfect cooling solution for those hot summer months.

Reduce power consumption, reduce noise and move air with greater efficiency