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Lighting Solutions

With commercial lighting & UV sanitizer solutions, you will slash your electricity bill and create a safer, brighter environment for your customers and employees.

Create a brighter workplace for your employees
Longer life expectancy means less maintenance
Achieve corporate lighting standards

Improve visibility in your facility with high-quality LED lights that will last for years

You want to improve visibility in your facility for the safety of your employees and visitors.

Having the proper facility light levels will create a better work experience from the moment your employees walk into your facility. Improve your employees’ mood and productivity with better lighting that lowers your power bill.

With a commercial lighting upgrade, you can slash your energy bills by up to $1.39 per square foot

Upgrading your business to LED technology is one of the best ways to manage and reduce the high operational cost and energy usage of outdated lighting.

We will create a customized solution designed for your needs rather than be tied to one particular product line or manufacturer. Once you switch to LEDs, you will enjoy a safer, more productive facility.

Schedule a lighting audit today and find out how much you can be saving

How Does It Work

Saving money is the goal of every business owner, and switching to LED technology can help you do just that. If you want to upgrade your facility lighting to the latest LED technology find a commercial lighting company that helps guide you through all the options.

Discovery Call
We take the time to get to know you and your organization. Our team meets with your facility team and determines the best lighting service to meet your needs.
Lighting Audit
Our lighting audit experts will come to your facility, analyze your facility needs, and provide you commercial industrial lighting solutions that will save you money and last for years.
Our Findings and Proposal
We will analyze your lighting requirements and design a solution that fits your unique situation. We’ll prepare a proposal that includes a calculation of rebates, photometric of lighting levels, and financing options to get your lighting project started right away.
Turnkey Lighting Installation
We provide full-service coordination for your energy-saving lighting upgrade project so you don't have to. Get everything you need to maximize your commercial lighting upgrade from one company – utility rebates, project management, and recycling of the old equipment.

Use the energy savings from your commercial lighting upgrade to pay for the project

The Energy as a Service model allows our customers to update to entirely new and more efficient energy systems without making a purchase outright.

Allowing you to move forward with an energy savings project while producing immediate positive cash flow at the same time. The energy savings exceeds the cost of the project, which means positive cash flow from day one.

One commercial lighting company dedicated to helping you improve your business

We are a commercial lighting contractor that meets your needs and will have a strong understanding of how to deliver the right lighting solutions and project management.

Our goal is simple. We want to ensure your business still runs smoothly while our installation crew is onsite. We’ll ensure the installation process is completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

We provide commercial lighting services that increase the value of your business without having to spend money upfront