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Power Monitoring

With access to the right energy data, your facility can take immediate action and prevent equipment failure, reduce emissions and make more informed energy efficiency decisions.

Track energy consumption data
Prevent costly equipment downtime
Increase energy efficiency

Wireless sensors that keep an eye on your facility

Track your energy use, identify trends, and take action to reduce your energy consumption. That’s where a wireless power monitoring system comes in.

By measuring electricity usage at the device or circuit level, you can pinpoint exactly when and how much energy each piece of equipment consumes.

A commercial energy monitoring system addresses the challenges in understanding energy data from all the equipment in your facility.

Predictive analytics helps alert you of equipment failure before it happens

Start monitoring and optimizing your facility at the equipment-level, using wireless devices to predict and prevent instead of react and repair.

Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) analyze your data for you.

By knowing what’s happening today with your equipment’s energy usage, you can prevent downtime by detecting potential problems before they become costly.

Save energy and prevent maintenance with business energy monitoring devices

How Does It Work

Power quality monitoring at a circuit level-of-detail is the first step to understanding and empowering your equipment usage. Circuit granularity means you get insights from every outlet, machine, motor, pump, or any other piece of equipment that plugs in.

Install Wireless Sensors
Self-powered wireless sensors are installed in your facility’s electrical circuit breaker. These miniature devices are non-invasive and can be installed within minutes by our professionals.
Collect Energy Data
Energy data is transmitted to a cloud-based energy management platform. Collect additional utility data such as gas, heat, airflow, and water consumption.
Report and Track Energy
By viewing real-time energy usage and reporting you can make decisions to reduce your energy consumption and keep track of sustainability goals. Receive alerts when a piece of equipment might be close to failing.
Make Smart Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Easily identify energy-efficient upgrades that will save you the most money now and provide the quickest ROI. Reduce your electric bill by making informed energy efficiency upgrades based on real-time data.

Instant alerts when a piece of equipment goes offline or experiences issues

Running a facility comes with significant risks, including unexpected equipment failure.

When something goes wrong with your equipment, get alerted quickly so you can fix the problem fast and get your business and operation back to normal.

By using wireless devices that capture data at the circuit level rather than the main electrical panel, you can provide equipment-level monitoring that’s accurate and granular enough to identify issues like low voltage or overloading inside your facility.

Know what parts of your facility are affecting your energy meter and footprint

The online platform is easy to use and generates timely reports that can be viewed from a mobile app on your smartphone or web browser.

Customized reports are automatically generated when you want to receive them.

Optimizing energy efficiency requires real-time data on equipment runtime and energy consumption, but traditional solutions are cumbersome to set up and generate siloed data that is not easily accessible.

Increase energy efficiency, prevent costly downtime, and track energy consumption

How Our Process Is Different

An experienced commercial energy management company can help keep your utility bills under control and provide critical information about your energy consumption. This will allow you to better manage your facility, optimize energy usage, and identify opportunities for energy efficiency savings and improve your bottom line.

Schedule a virtual meeting
Our team will work with you to identify your facility requirements and the equipment you are planning to track. We’ll explain what you need to do to achieve better results for your business operations that will drive energy savings and help improve the environment.
Review project details and scope
Our team will review a tailored energy monitoring package to ensure it fits your business goals. We’ll go over all the equipment that will be monitored, installation timeframe, training, and next steps.
Install and commission the sensors
Our team will install the wireless power monitoring devices throughout the facility - ensuring everything is commissioned and running properly. We’ll also share our expertise with your team on how to best use the cloud-based platform.
Start tracking energy usage
You now have access to granular energy data that can be used to make your facility more energy efficient. You will be able to watch real-time energy usage or schedule daily, weekly, or monthly energy reporting sent directly to your email. Our team will continue to work with you to help your facility become energy independent.