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Smart Motors

An ultra-efficient, software-driven smart motor system that dramatically reduces energy use, provides real-time monitoring and alerts you before a problem might arise.

Reduce operating costs
Lower greenhouse gas emissions
Enhance energy efficiency and security

A smart motor system that outperforms any existing motor technology

Software-enhanced smart motor systems that offer better performance than any other existing motor technology.

While the technology has existed for well over a century, switch reluctance motors have been used primarily in heavy industrial applications because of their high cost and complexity.

Today, with the latest advancements in power electronics and software, smart motors have become important in a variety of applications due to their low cost, high efficiency, and reliability.

A commercial electric motor that reduces your energy costs

A smart motor system that uses energy more efficiently and has a longer rated life – leading to significant energy and maintenance savings.

When compared to traditional AC induction motors, an energy saving motor reduces your energy use by 40-60%.

Energy efficient motors operate with reduced or minimal mechanical losses. For example, higher quality materials and improved manufacturing processes help reduce friction and electrical conduction losses.

Find out how much you can be saving

How Does It Work

It starts with replacing old inefficient motors with energy efficient smart motors. Smart motors include advanced software controls that are designed specifically for multi-speed performance that is essential to HVAC and refrigeration applications. As a national leading smart motor company, we combine high performance with energy efficiency.

Analyze Your Utility Data and Motors
We’ll analyze the size and type of equipment you have to find the best possible solution. This includes looking at your utility rate, operating hours, and climate conditions. We will calculate your savings and project ROI.
Turnkey Installation
We’ll take care of everything for you. You won’t need to worry about the equipment or installation. We’ll even help you take advantage of every federal and local utility incentive programs that exist.
Our team will oversee the setup, installation, and programming of your new motor control system to ensure it works as expected. Our team will work with you to understand the basics of the software and scheduling reporting and alert notifications if something goes wrong.
Start Saving Money
Your new equipment is installed and now you’re ready to start saving money. Energy reporting and analytics will be sent directly to you so you can stay on top of your energy consumption.

Get alerted if a motor experiences issues

Alerts will be sent to you when a critical problem is detected. Don’t wait until a problem occurs to find a solution, get notifications in real-time so you can resolve issues before they happen.

The software enhanced motor control system uses Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make smart decisions for you.

Maximize the efficiency of your organization’s energy usage and start saving money by updating your facility's motors