Save energy and lower costs – Simply. Easily.

U.S. Energy Recovery brings you energy solutions that deliver immediate savings to your bottom line. Save energy, help the environment, and do more to reduce costs for your business, all for less!

Discover your energy savings

At U.S. Energy Recovery, we believe efficient energy helps business run better. So we make it simple to lower your energy bill with cost-effective solutions that work. Your Energy Assessment with our expert team will reveal how your business can save more energy for a lot less. Now you can reduce costs while reducing consumption of energy and resources. That’s a really good thing for both you and the environment.

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Solutions that make cents

We’ll give you a clear picture of the sustainable technology solutions that help your business reduce energy and bring you direct savings. Every product we offer goes through exhaustive testing before being considered. You’ll know how much energy your business is currently using, and how much you could save in utility costs with the right energy saving opportunities.

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Installation and reclamation

Your team of U.S. Energy Recovery experts and certified local electrical technicians work together to install the energy-efficient solutions as promised. All former technology will be safely recycled or reclaimed for reuse. Your new energy system is installed to exceed your expectations and help you reach your savings goals.

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Results you can count on

You’ll see firsthand the difference our energy solutions make for your business. A brighter atmosphere and lower energy bills will be recognized almost immediately. You’ll also receive before and after pictures of your project, a case study with energy savings calculations, and direct feedback from your team.

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Your success is our priority

Some of the world’s biggest companies trust U.S. Energy Recovery to deliver significant energy savings that have an immediate impact on their business and the environment.

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