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Electrical Utility Information Request

Thank you for helping us make your energy savings calculations more accurate by providing us with copies of your utility bills.

U.S. Energy Recovery has partnered with UtilityAPI that allows us to receive the data required to support your energy efficiency project(s), including one year of utility bills and interval data. We subsidize the cost of this service to make it convenient for you to submit this information without searching and scanning for historical records.

Please use the form below to authorize a copy of your bills be sent to U.S. Energy Recovery:

NOTE:  UtilityAPI does not provide access to your account, or allow U.S. Energy Recovery to make changes to your account; only a snapshot of your usage data is provided.  We take your privacy seriously, and do not share or sell data with third party companies. For a full copy of UtilityAPI’s privacy policy please click here.